Applications are open for the Solutions Journalism Network LEDE Fellowship 2023 (up to $5,000)

Deadline: January 31, 2023

Applications are open for the Solutions Journalism Network LEDE Fellowship 2023. For its fourth year, the Solutions Journalism Network LEDE fellowship is seeking proposals from journalists and content creators interested in growing and retaining their audience through solutions journalism, and sharing their lessons with peers.

To that end, successful fellowship projects will:

  • (L) everage their existing audiences' interests to integrate more four-pillars solutions journalism into their content
  • (E) xpand their audiences' access to solutions journalism 
  • (D)isseminate understanding of how to spread access, retain audiences, and/or generate revenue via solutions journalism    
  • (E)liminate barriers to solutions journalism 

As with previous LEDE cycles, fellows will design their own deliverables along these four criteria (for example, for some fellows, 'expand audience' could mean doubling the number of subscribers; for others, it could mean engaging new demographics to use their content in new ways.) As always, LEDE aims to test hypotheses of interest for SJN, while also meeting fellows where they are at with their own hypotheses and goals.

Fellowship Structure

Over the course of the six months fellowship from January-July 2023, fellows will engage in:

  • Monthly calls with fellowship cohort similarly focused on expanding audiences' access to solutions journalism
  • Bimonthly calls with the entire cohort of  LEDE Fellows and alumni, as well as select guest speakers who will support the fellows' professional development
  • On-demand 1:1 calls and other forms of support from SJN's LEDE Fellowship manager, Julia Hotz, to help fellows design and deliver project goals


  • Deep connections with a tight-knit community of solutions journalism fellows from around the world, who will serve as lasting sources of accountability, problem-solving and encouragement during and beyond the yearlong fellowship;
  • Access to exclusive professional development sessions from SJN staff and external partners on storytelling, engagement, fundraising, equity and more;
  • An honorarium of up to $5,000, proportional to the scope of the fellow's project.


  • Applicant should have the ability to execute a project that accelerates the spread of solutions journalism in a community;
  • Commitment to the spirit of "all-teach, all-learn," capacity to seek out expertise (and offer your own) among peers and constituents;
  • Entrepreneurship, with an inclination to collaborate and "take others with you";
  • Diversity of identity, geography, experience and role;
  • Deep understanding of journalism and its current challenges;
  • Passion, enthusiasm and curiosity.


  • Application Round 1: (December 5 – January 4): Two-question application and "What is solutions journalism?" quiz. Application should take no longer than 2 hours to complete.
  • Application Round 2 (January 6 – January 13): More in-depth project pitch and 60-second "Why LEDE Fellowship?" video.
  • Interviews (January 16 – January 20): Final-round candidates will be invited for a 25-minute interview with LEDE Fellowship manager Julia Hotz and another member of the SJN team.
  • Selection (January 23): The 2023 LEDE Fellows will be announced.
  • Kickoff Call: Tuesday January 31, 2023 12pm ET 

Click here to apply

For more information, visit LEDE Fellowship.

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