Applications are open for the Global Solvers Accelerator 2023

Global Solvers Accelerator 2023 for Emerging Leaders

Applications are open for the Global Solvers Accelerator 2023. The Global Solvers Accelerator connects, empowers, and transforms emergent agents of social change across the globe.

The programme engages participants through an eight-month project-based collaborative learning journey to refine social impact initiatives they are spearheading, build collective leadership competencies, and ignite transformative change that cut across barriers of place and identity, furthering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Chosen among hundreds of applicants worldwide, up to 20 selected participants will work together to refine and scale their impactful community projects. Through intentional peer learning, subject matter advisory, and leading-edge thematic contributions, the programme provides a springboard for Global Solvers to tap into the fullest potential of their social impact projects!


During a guided, experiential learning journey with intentional peer exchange, tailored subject matter advisory, and leading-edge thematic impulses, you will build the competencies, capacity, and network(s) to intentionally unleash the fullest transformative potential of your social impact work. By joining the programme, participants stand to gain valuable insights, both from mentors and peers, such as:

  • Capacity Building: Springboard for participants to pivot their capacity in areas like collective leadership, transformative impact and systemic design. Leading edge thematic contributions, peer exchange, subject matter advisory and assignments all add to helping participants social impact and global citizenship skills.
  • Weeklong Retreat: A fully-funded retreat to Europe as part of the programme for all participants in the accelerator.
  • Furthering Impact: 8-month learning journey that connects emerging change agents worldwide, refining the social impact initiatives they are spearheading, building collective leadership competencies and together igniting transformative change that cut across barriers to further the SDGs, and more.
  • Melton Fellowship: Upon successful completion of the programme, participants are eligible to join a life-long Senior Fellowship at The Melton Foundation. This global supported community gets access to over 600 charged catalysts across the globe, project funding through Action Grants, travel opportunities to impact events and more


  • Applicant should be between the ages of 20-35: curious, responsible, forward-thinking, open-minded individuals who are self-reflective and a team player.
  • Social Engagement: proven track record of social impact and community development work.
  • Project: actively engaged in or leading a local impact project currently.
  • Leadership: leverage over or influence on project design and decision making.
  • Acceleration: committed to furthering impact and to transform society.
  • Global Citizenship: desire to connect in diversity and collaborate with global peers to address pressing issues.
  • Participation: Internet access, time (4hrs/week), sufficient English skills.


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For more information, visit Global Solvers Accelerator.

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